I am a software developer primarily based in Stockholm, Sweden. You can access me from anywhere in the world! 


Hi, I'm Henrik Andoff Sjölund

I make digital ideas come to life. With a solid professional IT experience, I create mobile apps, and web applications for all platforms, and needs, together with accompanying backend support in the shape of communication, calculations, or storage that is needed.

What pains does your idea address? Maps, social networks, image recognition, life style, virtual- or augmented reality - I can realize it for you using state of the art technology. Remote work is not a problem.

I have a formal Master of Science degree in Computer Science, and many years of experience working as a software developer. I primarily focus on React, React Native, Cloud Native, mobile app and web development.


Over my 25 years of software development, I have taken part in many large scale projects, as well as startup businesses. Below you'll find examples of products where I was the sole developer with complete responsibility of the technology. For other experiences, please see my CV at the top of this page.



Glasklart™ is a digital tool for prevention, treatment and follow up of alchol related problems. It consists of a mobile app (Android and iOS) for the client, and a responsive web application for the care giver.

I have coded the entire system including apps, responsive web, and backend server. I also created the company's landing page at 




Sweden has a unique ”right of public access” (allemansrätt). The right of public access applies both on land and water. As long as you follow the rules for consideration of your surroundings - don’t disturb, and don’t destroy, you may swim by the shore, boat almost everywhere, moor your boat and spend a day or two on board.

HamnaRätt is a mobile app for Android and iOS helping boating people to not waste time searching books or charts, and avoiding the areas where all others go.

I have coded the mobile app using React Native and set up the backend infrastructure in Firebase.




Atlas Copco manufactures mechanical tools used by other manufacturing companies. These tools need to be optimised, or service as there wear out, preferably before they stop working. 

I designed, and coded, a web based backend/frontend system that analysis a huge amount of data and creates status reports of the running tools. It is localized to 20+ languages and used all over the globe.



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